Crisis Risk Management

Crisis Risk Management

Please find below the core services associated with our Crisis Risk Management offering. We also offer several additional ancillary services not listed which we are happy to discuss more after understanding your needs.

Too few organisations take crisis response and management into account.

The capability to manage crises should not be seen as something that can simply be developed as and when needed.

Stonewells’ crisis gap analysis service aims to identify areas of improvement or potential risks that may affect operations or safety, to prevent crisis.

A crisis gap analysis involves us carrying out a comprehensive assessment of your business’ readiness to effectively manage and mitigate potential crises such as accidents, supply chain disruptions, regulatory violations and other more unpredictable adverse events.

Next, we evaluate your existing crisis management strategies, including communication protocols, emergency response plans, and employee training.

Our analysis will identifies the gaps between your current capabilities and the requirements for effectively handling these crises. For instance, it may reveal shortcomings in communication channels, inadequate training, or insufficient resources allocated for emergency response.

Following the identification of gaps, we can then work with you to devise a Crisis Response and Management Plan, which will include strategies to address the gaps. This may involve training programs, introducing new processes, or strengthening relationships with key stakeholders such as regulatory authorities and local communities.

The focus is on identifying your company’s current state and the desired level of preparedness. Our analysis helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses in crisis management, and allows you to develop targeted strategies for improvement.

The development of crisis management capability requires a systematic approach.

Our expertise in advising on risk and crisis management helps our clients to go beyond regulatory compliance and develop organisational resilience and effective crisis response frameworks that are critical to navigating unforeseen challenges, ultimately safeguarding your reputation, your activities, and your team.

Creating and maintaining a crisis response and management plan increases your awareness of threats, prepares you for potential disruption and helps ensure that your company has the resources and information needed to deal with crises.

An effective response to a low frequency, high impact incident, or cascading crisis requires multiple people working together from various departments, levels, and functions. Both inside and outside of your business.

We work with you to create a proactive, actionable framework that outlines specific steps to be taken in the event of a crisis. It serves as a blueprint for how your company will respond to different types of crises, detailing roles and responsibilities, communication protocols, escalation procedures, and resource allocation.

Extensive experience of responding to crises allows Stonewells to be well equipped to work with businesses to create a framework that;

  • Reduces the likelihood of a disruption
  • Shortens the period of disruption
  • Limits the impact of a disruption on your activities and your business in general